Metal Business Kards

What Size is a Standard Business Card

Replacing your business cards every three to four years can be an excellent technique that will enable you to breathe new life into an otherwise dying enterprise.Hence, there is a pretty good chance that if your business was not seeing the same kinds of profits this past year, getting a new and improved business card design made would be a rather useful thing for you to do. It might not be all that the doctor ordered on that front, but it would definitely represent a fairly solid leap in the right kind of direction.

Metal Business Kards

While there are no strict rules that would mandate what you can or can’t put on your Metal Kards, the truth of the situation is that you can’t really mess with the standard size. This is because of the fact that it could make printing costs unmanageable high, since most business card makers have optimized their machinery for the standardized size variation that the vast majority of all businesses tend to go for irrespective of what their niche might be.

In order to help you stay within the margins that would make your business cards affordable and convenient, we are going to tell you what size a standard business card is supposed to be. This size is usually represented as a rectangle, with two of the sides being three and one half inches long with the other two being around two inches long, thereby creating the most perfect shape imaginable. The fact of the matter is that you can optimize your design based on these margins and get a truly professional looking card whilst skipping the messy process of figuring out what size would work.

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