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How Lila Downs is Saving a Culture of Music

The type of music that we are exposed to since childhood can result in us having a truly myopic view of what constitutes quality music at any given point in time. This often creates a situation wherein we only have a highly Caucasian and Eurocentric musical preference, but suffice it to say that expanding your horizons and starting to appreciate musical cultures that have a very different approach can be quite illuminating and eye opening for you at any given point in time.

A big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that when you start looking into things like indigenous music you would start to notice that there are musical forms that you had previously never been exposed to. Lila Downs is a great example of a musician that isn’t really doing all that much in the most mainstream of manners but is rather trying to revive an indigenous form of music that has been in danger of getting exterminated due to excessively conservative musical opinions that often prevail in various types of contexts.

indigenous music

This music has a long and storied history to it, one that might be snuffed out if we don’t start paying attention to it right away. When you first listen to this music, it will fill with a deep sense of spiritual awe as well as a oneness with the universe. It is a much more complex type of music which uses structures that have never been used in Western compositions so it’s great for people that have started to feel frustrated by how similar all the mainstream music has started to sound.

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