Starting Up
Controls / Keys
Starting a Game
Rules / Gameplay
Bubbles Description
Welcome to "Bubble Islands, The Manual"!! I'm Pinky, and i'll guide you throughout your journey into my game!!
"Bubble Islands" is an interactive arcade/puzzle game that needs a flash plug-in in order to run. Don't be afraid though, more than 90% of the computers does include the required plug-in!! To be more precise, you'll need flash player version 8 or above.
Take a look at my "Bubble Meter" below; if the bubble is GREEN, you'll be able to play "Bubble Islands" right away. And if it's RED, just click the flash plugin icon in order to update your computer. It's fast, safe and easy!!
Once the "Bubble Meter" is GREEN, you are ready to play "Bubble Islands"!!

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